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Tuesday, April 15, 2003
~Being Single, Cranky, Oh! And yes, Happy~

Being 25 in yesteryears would have meant a quarter-life
crisis. But in this time and age, I would call it a mid-
life crisis. Everyone is so involved with their careers
that quality time with friends is a mere dinner with a
little caffeine kick after. Whatever happened to an
afternoon yak fest with your all-time buddies? Whatever
happened to movie marathons, sleepovers and just plain
hanging out?

Sometimes, those dinners can be so superficial. We update
our lives with a quick statement and take rounds. But
there’s no more thoughts, opinions, angst, pangs, raves,
rants that make our brain muscles work in motion. I only
have this word processor to pour out my feelings to and
that, for me, is a sad thing. Is a conversation today
consist only of a rundown of life’s accomplishments?

Speaking of my hang-ups in life, why is that the only goal
most girls have is to have a boyfriend, get married, have
kids and live happily ever after? Is that a validation of
living a life fulfilled?

I don’t know how to classify myself these days. Am I a
commitment-phobic for the lack of experience in a male-
female romantic relationship or by choice? Am I the only
one who thinks that not all life’s direction leads to
marriage and a happy life after?

Meet me, a 25-year old working gal who never had a
boyfriend, a serious date and or ever been courted in my
twenty-five years of experience. Oh, and the latter matter
a thing of the past these days. People come up and say “No,
being single is just a phase. These things aren’t
planned.” “You’ll change your viewpoint when you
meet THE
ONE.” “She’s just pissed off because she’s
never had the
experience of being loved and giving love all at the same
time.” I appreciate all these, and somehow I know in my
heart that experiencing the flowers, chocolates, fine-
dining restaurants, conversations, the moonlight and
everything that spells romance are indeed great things. But
at the moment, in this present-day, I’m happy. I don’t
a man to make my life better. I have myself and that’s all
I need. In the meantime. Okay?

Aside from my aversion of being validated as a fulfilled
person in a male-female romantic relationship, I’m also a
literate, capable woman who values learning a thing or two
each day in my whole life. I would rather learn and
experience things than have it easy in this world. Of
course I can’t afford Gucci Boots, Prada bags, weekend
Cruises and what-have-you but I’m happy. And if I’m
shouldn’t the world think that’s even more than millions

and millions of pesos in the bank?

Apparently not. People today are concerned with making
millions of money. They even postpone their “happiness”
those blue and white, yellow and violet pieces of paper. Is
this another validation of living a life fulfilled?

I’m saying this piece because sometimes I get cranky when
people try to test people with their checklist of what-
should-be and what-shouldn’t-be. I know I’m guilty of
in the past and am still committing the checklist exam
these days. However, each day, I’m learning NOT to square
people with a checklist.

And when we meet people who are in a relationship, who
values money and you hear them going to St. Tropez, Swiss
Alps or cruising the Superstar Leo for the weekend, to hell
with them, we’ve got Ate Babes to do our manicure and
pedicure for less than a hundred bucks at the corner beauty
parlor this weekend.