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Saturday, January 31, 2004
"Happy Go Lucky"

Last night, I watched a movie called "Happy Go Lucky"... it
was a chinese movie about three unique individuals... one
who is not so bright but a bit abnormal because of his
spasm... one who is clever but has a nervous system disease
and moves involuntarily... and one who is very beautiful
but blind. The three stories are actually quite simple but
the words of wisdom shared is really touching.

After the movie (which cause me to be teary-eyed), I
realize I wanted to TRY to work with handicapped people. I
am inspired at their stories and want to make them feel
loved and accepted. These people are rare. When you are
privileged, you take for granted everything about you. But
if you lose some part of you or of being normal, that's
when we value our sense of wholeness.

Though pro-life offers the same concept... it has a broader
scope and different priorities. Maybe after some time, I
would have the opportunity to pursue this.

I also realized how lucky I am. Whenever I feel sad over
something, I must realize that I should count my
blessings... because I know I am still privileged and how
lucky I am because of what I am and what I have in life.

I know it's time to take a look at the beauty inside of me
and while I am still whole, not to take it for granted and
share it to people who needs it.

Friday, January 30, 2004
Feminista pala ako!

I don't know when and where and how it began. But I became
a feminist without me knowing it! I am not sad over this,
I'm not proud of this, it's just... me. It's who I
am! But
I do know when I realized it...

Kuya Agoy is my favorite mentor at the moment. I light up
and get inspired at his accumulated wisdom and thoughts. I
know for sure that when he is in Pro-life office that I am
going to learn something. I can't wait to meet Kuya Willy
also because he also knows so much. He's always busy
because he's also helping Liway Chato. Think she's running
for congresswoman! And I digress! Anyway, I mentioned Kuya
Agoy because it was he who explained feminism to me at its
funny and serious facets.

Feminista pala ako... when we were talking about feminism,
I was quiet as Angie, Kuya Agoy and Ate Rita made comments
about it. I was actually thinking... "Oh no, I think they
just described me!" because a feminista pala are those:

- who think being a WIFE is not the primary role a woman
should have
- who think having children doesn't make up a woman

I thought to myself if this is a bad thing or not. Happy as
I am about myself, I don't want to become something God
wouldn't be proud of. His approval is the only important

Then, Kuya Agoy shed light. He said that there are
different stages and kinds of feminism. The Church does not
agree with RADICAL feminism or the EXTREMISTS.

- on thinking about being a WIFE as the primary role a
woman should have:
RADICAL feminists think that being a mother limits one
woman's potential to be something more than she can be.
that's why most don't agree with marriage and becoming a

My perception is different in thinking a woman shouldn't
limit herself to being a wife ONLY as a way to live. I
believe that a woman can be single yet very much fulfilled.
I also believe that in marriage, a woman can still be
fulfilled. Marriage does not end the career of the woman.
It should enhance it!

- on thinking bearing children doesn't make up a woman
RADICAL feminists believe that having children doesn't
necessarily need a MAN to be able to do it.

My perception about the earlier statement is simply to
say... a woman can still be FULFILLED even is she didn't
bear any children. The extremist view is different because
they think MEN are the reason why women are second best and
why this is a patriarchal society. And I side with the
Church that they don't agree with Radical Feminists.

So to the feminist out there! Be Not Afraid! Like me, it
doesn't matter what label you are being tagged; what's
important is that you know what is RIGHT, and that is,
Christ wants equal rights for both man and woman. AMEN!

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Honk! Honk! ~Car Jam~

Haha, I laugh at my title, only because the title wouldn't
even come close to a REAL car jam.

My friends Cathy, Cheryl, Rachelle, Jayne, Marge and I went
out this evening. It's so nice to catch up with friends.
Here with my barkada, everybody sincerely listens to each
other and is there for each other in good times and bad. I
just realized it but I believe we've been there so much for
each other that everybody really cares sincerely for the
other person.

Here in my barkada, I'm also free to be myself. Not that I
hide myself with my other friends, but I'm more
opinionated, more open (with my faith, etc) here. This is
what you call friend empowerment at its best.

Anyway, back to car jam... if you play anagrams, you'll
come up with...

C - athy, heryl
A - rlene
R - achelle

J - ayne
A - rlene (hehe, me again)
M - arge

Cool, huh? And I'm doing a yahoogroups for all of us so we
can better keep in touch with each other.

So glad for friends!

Monday, January 26, 2004
Best things in Life (especially of the eye) are Free... indeed!

2004-01-25 13:05:01 (GMT)
My left contact lens was torn up when i saw it this
morning. It made so sad because I really hate unexpected
expenses. i know it's time for me to buy a new set but
I had to wait for funds. I still wanted to buy contacts
but this time, disposable ones just to get by! And to my
surpise, SUREVUE was giving away contact lenses!

What a truly blessed day! Best things in life are
absolutely free!

Sunday, January 25, 2004
Kuya Agoy and Political Science 101

This week, I had my taste of Political Science 101 from a
very respected and hardworking employee at Pro-life. We
call him Kuya Agoy. I had so much fun learning from Him. I
valued his work, his words and made me care about the
political situation in our country.

Know how bad I was at Politics? I don't even know the real
meaning of Pork Barrel! Kuya Agoy had to patiently explain
to me how laws came about, upper and lower houses,
bicameral processes and issues about pro-life and pro-

I am so blessed to work in this organization who really
cares about PEOPLE and protects LIFE as much as it can!

Prayers for Pro-life and its staff and counsellees are much

Faith Realizations

I had a wonderful conversation which God at the Holy Mass
this morning. I was overwhelmed at His love and
forgiveness. I wasn't supposed to receive Holy Communion
because I felt undeserving because of the things that
happened a few days ago. But He moved me and forgave me and
his words touch my heart... my reply "Lord, I am not worthy
to receive you but only say the word and I shall be healed"
was meant word for word. I thank God for this wonderful

Thursday, January 08, 2004
Veronica, but not the cartoon in Archie

Today was such a blessed day!

Project Veronica is a project of Pro-life Philippines, a
non-profit organization that preserves life. Project
Veronica visits mothers who just gave birth in charity
wards in some hospitals; giving hope to them through
prayers, giving rosaries for free and showing the image of
Our Lady of La Leche (image of Mama Mary breastfeeding
Jesus) - if they're Catholic) and teaching them the
Billings Method (a Natural Family Planning Method)... It
was such a blessing because you see the mothers and their
babies all smiling (with an occasional cry from the baby).
However, it was a humbling experience because now I realize
that mothers (especially in the depressed area) have a
tough time. Imagine, after giving birth, you have to share
ur bed with another person who also just gave birth! There
are also some mothers in the ward who doesn't have a baby
with them, and if this is the case, it would be a sad case
because they might have been miscarried, gave birth to a
still born and more. Pro-life advocates their counselling
centers for these women.

Another tidbit: Carol Banawa sang the theme song for the
Veronicas (those who volunteer for Project Veronica)... the
album will be released on February. And I designed the
cover! =) Simple but I hope people will appreciate it.

Anyway, Thank you, Lord for this truly glorious day!

Monday, January 05, 2004
Day after today and Film Fest

Today was such a lazy day... can't believe that in a matter
of hours, most people will have begun their first busiest
day of the year...

I'm excited and a bit worried about my day tomorrow.
Hopefully it will turn out well, after all, I feel like I'm
being guided by the Lord to do His Will. But of course,
being human, I still am a bit worried.

Watched Bridal Shower this afternoon... I think it could
have been better shown in TV... it was a bit funny but
then, felt like it wasn't that spectacular to hit the
silver screen.

So in total, I've watched 3 FilmFest movies... Crying
Ladies, Filipinas and Bridal Shower. Personally, I like
Crying Ladies among the three, although I was a bit
disappointed with the movie. But it was really funny and I
can relate to some of the scenes.

Oh Well, til the next entry...

Sunday, January 04, 2004
~Crazy over Chinese Music, Friends & Vacations~

I'm listening to chinese pop music... I've already
graduated from my F4 craze to listening to other Pop
artists... I like the songs... a current craze being
Dolphin Bay's Soundtrack (especially Loses Happy, I Don't
Want to Know and Journey).

I met with friends last night at Starbucks in Intramuros.
Don't you love being with friends? I like conversations,
listening to other people and learning about them. The
hours seem to drift you by!

My friend Jovy left for Australia yesterday... and I feel a
little melancholic... she was such a great company the past
few days she was here. And our conversations do last until
the wee hours in the morning... I'm going to miss all that.
But she'll be back this August so I'll be looking forward
to that.

2 days to go and everybody has to return to what they call
the "real" world... I ask myself if vacations are
not "real"... and I get a little sad over this. It's
because we treat everyday as something else rather
than "vacation"... and if you look at the etymology of the
word "vacation"... the latin word means freedom. and
freedom, the state of being "free"... and aren't we "free"
in every sense of the word in EACH of the days that pass us

My first entry and I'm already getting philosophical! Til
the next entry...