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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

i went to mass at edsa shrine a while ago. i now understand why achi rita loves the place. it's so serene, it's cool and you can actually reflect. anyhow, i went there to attend mass and to receive the ash marking on my forehead. i was really struck at the homily of the priest today. aside from the usual fasting and abstinence talk, he asked that we remember the ASH for what it really was... that we be:
A - a
S - seed of
H - ope
i really pray that i can be a seed of hope to others again soon. i miss giving myself until it hurts. but since i'm still patching myself up, i have to learn the value of patience and wait for his will to come.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

i'm really so happy to hear from che yesterday. a surprise call from the states! i really love surprise calls like that. yung tipong out of the blue, walang kailangan sa yo... yun they just remembered you... those moments are really special to me. and yesterday also, char dropped by the office because she was in galleria. nakkatuwa lang...

although i had allergies at my nape right now... due to some higad from the acacia tree in patio victoria, and complicated with my scratching and all... ayun... nakakainis pero it did not dampen my day because of those wonderful moments.

just updating my highlight of the day... back to work na ako ;)

Monday, February 07, 2005
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Friday, February 04, 2005
nothing much

nothing much... i just wanted to write something... i'm kinda busy all throughout the week and lifestyle has changed again... one good thing is that i didn't change my lifestyle with regards to my monies... still tight there ;)

but i was able to talk to a lot of people lately... and i really appreciate those conversations... with rachelle... with marge... with jayne... with cat... with che (long-dsitance!)... with beng (long-distance uli)... with fred and vange...

john texted me yesterday... namiss ko na rin itong group na to... i also miss jeff... those conversations that really ran deep and i miss hanging out... lalo na eight years back... sana pwedeng ibalik ang panahon... ;)