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Tuesday, March 22, 2005
the vacation begins

i left manila at around 9:30am. it has been two years since i last boarded an airplane. and the ride was bumpy... yet i had so much peace and excitement in my heart. my vacation is about to begin!

i touched down iloilo around 10:30. beng fetched me and it was so heartwarming how we can just pick off where we left off. beng is really a great friend... and i'm really grateful that she and i are like sisters... (kinda of like che & i)... anyway, we ate at peppy's thai deli... sarap ng pandan chicken, paper squid and the fried rice. ;) after, we went to san agustin church and we went to iloilo city na. after surprising my sister's friend by showing up unannounced and with a gift to give her eldest son at atrium, beng & i went to pototan, a town 30 minutes away.

i love it here. it's so calm, serene... just like the environment in mindoro where i was supposed to work but didn't push through. beng & i ate at a farm ten minutes from the town proper. then we used their broadband internet. i checked my mails and i chatted with people... afterwards, we went upstairs and bonded again. there was just too many stories to tell... and so many fond memories to share.

when i chatted with people, i felt blessed. my sis was online and we were able to chat... hindi ko pa sya nakakausap in the way i do with my friends, but last night, i was able to. and joan and i bonded, too. God really was with me. ;)

so the vacation begins. tomorrow, bernie will be here na rin and we'll have a blast together... til then!

Monday, March 14, 2005
iloilo here i come!

i'm so excited... just one more week and i'll be off to iloilo for my much-needed, much-awaited vacation! ;) i'm really excited to see beng, take time off to reflect and have fun! i really am so blessed with this trip... grabe, can't contain my happiness! ;)

i talked to vange last night on the phone. ang tagal ko na rin kasi syang di nakakausap. nakakatuwa cause it's really easy to talk to vange... and though hindi na kami masyado nagkikita, i still can be honest with her after all these years. ;)

one more week to go...!!! ;)

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

new look uli ;) am having so much fun with skins! ;)

i'm just thankful today because i realize there are so much blessings around me ;)

Thursday, March 03, 2005

cutie cute cute... Posted by Hello


Baby you can drive my car ;) Posted by Hello


jc smiling. he's donning a shirt kuku ar (that's me) bought him ;) Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

i don't know why but since i left black box, there has been so many demands for wedding coordination lately. after we parted ways, i coordinated iris' wedding... then jen and rolex's wedding... then last sunday, i helped jasper and coyette, cheryl's brother and sister in law. che is one of my best friends and even though i really want to take a back seat muna, i can't cause these friends of mine are so dear to me and i can't say no. sonia's will be in june and she also asked me to coordinate as well. sana after this, makarest muna me. ;)

anyway, it was a great wedding naman, despite the stress! the preparation started december!!! and it was just two full months of preparation. stress sobra yung wedding details sa melo's but eventually, everything turned a-ok naman. haay! every wedding has its learning lesson and though i really enjoy this, i can't concentrate on this full time. masaya sana syang trabaho pero sobrang stressful din!

all house hunting plans has been put on hold. ;) may tumingin sa house and drove away those bad spirits. ;) i believe there are spirits and the way this man did sa house naman wasn't anything contrary to our beliefs. but he said our house is good, and this house should be lucky enough naman. just that it has invited some uninvited guests, is all.

anyway, i just finished watching endless love, and before that, lovers in paris. right now, am starting to watch meteor garden 1 uli. ;) am really catching up on my mandarin that way so i really am into these things. ultimate goal is to really know the language as soon as i can... i really want to work in China or Taiwan. ;)

i've been thinking about friends lately and in your life, you'll really be able to tell who your friends are counting the fingers in your hand. Lucky you if you have more than that. ;) But i've realized i'm blessed because although they are a few... they're best ones i could keep for a lifetime. ;)