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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
the weekend that was

bebs and joan asked me to give a session on their weekend retreat at st peter. and i had so many challenges before the day arrive... every planning session gets delayed and i had na shower party to attend to before that night. i finalized my session just a few hours before the session. but i'm glad the spirit was with me. he was able to move people with what the session offered. and i'm humbled that in spite of my lack of service, he still uses me as an instrument. i realized so many things... that so many people actually love me... just that they don't express it. and i'm really grateful that i had this reaffirmation. i'm not sure if i'll be back sa st peter, but i'll definitely still go once in a while. basta may money ako ;)

sons is getting married na next week! and i haven't finished the missalette. but am sure i'll get it done... i got all the materials ready na nman. just lazy this week to finish it ;)

i'm listening to my series' soundtracks... nakakatuwa balikan yung memories... and dami ko na rin palang napanuod... full house... lovers in paris... endless love... meteor garden 1 & 2... marmalade boy... peach girl... love storm... winter sonata... my love patzzi... dolphin bay... hmnn... i can't remember it all na. but my current rave is full house ;)

til here... ;) just updating.

Thursday, May 19, 2005
my brother has a MDAS touch

last night, i was doing the missalette for sonia dy, my college friend when my brother Edmund called his college friend. i was so busy singing "Love Moves" after watching American Idol when i heard him teaching his friend concepts of math. The most i remembered from their conversation was the MDAS rule... you multiply first, then divide then add then subtract... I really am not good in math but when i heard him talk about concepts, theories... nabilib ako sobra. i know my brother was cum laude, pero i never got to listen to him and talk that way to his peers. kakaiba talaga! but this made me admire him a lot that's why i'm blogging about him right now ;)

i watched full house na and it's so cute!!! i loved the series, more than lovers in paris pa! ;) i like rain a lot. he looks ridiculous but he can sure make hearts melt.

oh well... da da da dadada da dada dabi da, da da da da da dada...

Saturday, May 14, 2005
just an update

since so many people are asking for updates, ito na...

was so busy with work these past few weeks! buti na lang the fhm 100 sexiest victory party has passed na so my workload will be saner na, i think. ;) zippo, one of my brands - since the manager is on maternal leave so i'm calling zippo my brand - sponsored this big event. mejo wild yung party and i was like a zombie the whole time, punong abala kasi sa booth ko. this event was highly pressuring - parang make or break ko kasi this is one of my official results sa company.

other than that, am watching full house na. ;)i bought the dvd at metrowalk for 500... parang sulit na i think. it's just so funny kasi i feel like i've done something wrong kasi i bought pirated when i was paying the guy... only consolation is there's none available in the philippines. back to the series, i can't wait to finish the series! i'm disc 5 out of 8 ;)

oh well, yan muna. i'm so disoriented pa and slowly gaining consciousness (in a way).