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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
tv time!

being stressed out only wants to make me watch tv more. i don't why but it releases the stress quite a bit. ;) here are some of my fave shows:

celebrity poker!

like like like the game! it's fun to see the stars bluff their way to end up at the loser's lounger and their animated quips to each other!

friends rerun

who doesn't love friends reruns? i like the joey-rachel stage ;) too bad it didn't last long!

house, m.d.

like the sarcastic, straight-forward, funny consultations. ;) and i get to learn a lot of things on the side as well!

tru calling

given the gift (or curse) of saving lives by working at the morgue and getting to repeat the day to prevent deaths always make a good script. ;) and i like watching how it always get to be solved at the end of the day.

that's about the latest i get to see.

just a segue... met someone who i like but can't have - as always... he's the type of guy that really catches my attention - the way he dress, speak - i've always loved accents, carries himself... and can carry conversations... about the part why i can't have him? borders, language barrier (a bit), status in life, upbringing, faith and more. ;) but it's nice to have that feeling na u like someone. been so long since i felt that.

til next time! ;)

Thursday, September 22, 2005
is this all worth it?

i'm beginning to feel a bit lost again. i'm beginning to ask if all this hard work is worth it. i don't see my family anymore... even friends for that matter. i usually get off from work at 10 PM already. and it's a real stressful environment. i know am going somewhere but is this all worth it? sometimes i feel so much in a rut that i feel so lonely. but i know i ahve to persevere. someday, god's glory will rise from all of this. i pray that it will be soon.

lord, please renew the strength i found in you. and keep me steady in your love.

Lord I've come to know the weakness I see in me... will be drifted away by the power of your love... Hold me close, let your love surround me... bring me near, draw me to your side... and as I pray, I'll rise up like the eagle and I will soar with you, your spirit leads me on by the power of your love...
*lyrics from the song 'Power of your Love'

Friday, September 09, 2005
my photo-loaded blog entry

so long since i blogged! so, here's my updated entry loaded with photos... so caution, this might take a while to load! ;)

arrived in KL at around 8:55... after almost four hours of travel, i was so looking forward to checking in at the hotel and enjoying my stay. so after touchdown, went off and followed people. i got lost when i saw mini monorails going to the other side of the airport... so i hopped on one and got to the departures section! so i went to the info center and said i was lost. traveling alone shed all fears of asking... anyway, they asked me to board the monorail again. this time, i was kinda confused because i took the other rail but ended up in a different place. i just followed the signs and alas, got to the immigration part. after the clearance, i looked for my luggage and headed out to the exit. it's a good thing i had pick-up transfers so i was able to meet with the driver and proceeded to go to the city. Here's a picture of the airport. Kuala Lumpur's International Airport is massive and is beautiful!

the Kuala Lumpur International Airport

after, i checked in at the coronade hotel.

and this what my room looks like:

after checking in and settling at my room, i went down to grab something to eat. I walked around the area first. My hotel is like the new world hotel in makati, surrounded with malls and places to eat. the whole area was like an extended greenbelt. it was really nice. there were a lot of misting machine (since KL is very much humid!). after walking the area, i went back at the Lot 10 shopping plaza and looked for an authentic food i can eat. i settled for duck satay:

i actually had chicken satay. the satay sauce was so good! it was a bit hot but very, very good! i haven't tasted satay this good... even at the ritz hotel where we had satay the next day for my marketing workshop, it didn't come close to this satay i just ordered! so yummy. anyway, the next day, it was shopping time. bought two pairs of vnc shoes... at half the price in manila! sana pala bumili ako then sold it here... my friend was so happy cause it was really half the price if bought here in manila. anyway, i also bought esprit shirts as pasalubong. after the shopping spree, i went back at the hotel and changed for the workshop. the workshop was good. met a lot of people and the impact of the workshop is good. learned a lot. after the workshop, a fellow Filipino and i met up and braved the streets of KL. we looked at shopping plaza around the area. mejo nakakahilo yung shopping plaza nila, except for Lot 10. Lot 10 is like Podium, while the rest are like air-conditioned greenhills tiangges. so there... that was my short and sweet KL trip. i want to go there again!!! sana this time longer stay naman. by the way, this was the closest thing i ever got to petronas tower (and all from the van's point of view:

petronas at night (didn't have my cam so i got this pic from driftingsatellite.blogspot.com)

last night was the cosmo bachelor bash

fun by espoir is the new fragrance

and we all helped launch the brand in the event. here are some of the photos:

the fun girl

hunky cowboys

glitter tattoo was fun!

the fun girls

the bms at work... este at break pala

so there... hunky guys, fun event, and wishing i could blog more but i am running out of words so til then!