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Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Mapalad pala Ako!

I recently was given a palm (okay, not given since i had to beg and ask for it) by my brother. It was a cool Zire71 which really looks great, has a camera and all that. I fell in love with the datebook and notepad since now, I can let my dilapitated, dog-eared notebook from papelmeroti (the kind that fits even in a small bag) rest in peace. I was enjoying this new palm until one day... well, i dropped by bag and broke the LCD screen. :( My brother chided me to say I was really unlucky...

I scouted for repair shops but to my dismay, my unit is irrepairable. So I checked the rates of a new palm. I saw the Z22 (a cool Palm, seemed like iPOD's brother since it's all white) and the e2 and t/x. These gadgets were really cool. But the price is also high. I chanced upon a friend who introduced me to Mapalad.Org where I can get cheaper second-hand palm units. It turned out to be a very intelligent forum :D i loved the name of the site cause it was a tagalog version of the Palm. And so, there i was, checking out the posts, inquiring whether I should buy a z22 or the e2 and got really good replies from the members... Until I chanced upon the classified ads and there was a tungsten E for sale for only P3,000! That was way cheap cause the others would sell it at 5-7K. This one was P3,000, has a slight digitizer problem but otherwise, works fine. I contemplated on it a few days. When I finally texted the person selling, I inquired about the item, tried to haggle (but it was the last price cause I was a Mapalad member and he gave the best last price to Mapalad... he sells the item in other forums for 4-5k)and so, in the end was convinced to get it. :D

I actually had qualms buying from a complete total stranger, but I saw this guy posting about software for Bibles so I guess he won't be the type to fool people. And I met him today to get the Palm. When I saw the unit, it's working really well... So I gave him money and went in at Mr. Choi to have my lunch. Yun pala, I gave him P3500 without my knowing it! But he was a really nice guy... he texted me to say that I paid him wrongly! So he returned to our meeting place in Robinson's galleria to return the P500! I was surprised but thankful!

And so, I guess I really am Mapalad after all!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006
joining the superman fever

doesn't he look cute? actually, he's not so photogenic but on screen (and because he's clark kent) he looks so damn cute. :)

admittedly, in one instance in my life, i wish i was whisked away by superman. but in the end, it's one clark kent (whom i have yet to meet) that i know i'll end up with :)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006
lee family

stolen picture from jov's pbase account!

perhaps the most humble, bonded, caring family i've seen is the lee family. i've had the honor to coordinate jj's wedding - a wedding that would be one of my treasured ones for all time. i'll post another entry about the wedding.


i love this girl!!! and i'm so glad that she was here to help me with the wedding. she's oc din kasi so it was really great working with her. aside from that, of course it was so great to have her company. this is the longest amount of time i spent with her whenever she's home for breaks. anyway, i just am grateful for the amount of time we spent with her family, with andrew and all the other guests. :) i had fun listening them talk in Mandarin and trying to understand them at the same time. back to jovy, she's always so ready to listen and i really appreciate that in her. i love how understanding she is and how giving she can be. i can't stop gushing over our friendship!!! but i have to otherwise, i'll keep on typing!


apple has really grown up!!! but the good thing is, we've become more closer now! i love her company always, and feel that am so welcome everytime we meet! she's really warm and caring and thoughful! it was fun spending time with her, and going around Mall of Asia! Looking forward to spend more time with her in Hong Kong in my next visit! :)

auntie brigitte

Auntie is such a sweetheart! So thoughtful! I really admire that she still has the grace to smile to her guests even after a long day and even though they were so many! i couldn't keep count anymore! :) But I realized Auntie is such a generous person and I'm really blessed to know her.

andrew - not yet a family member but it feels like it :)

the past few days, i've gotten to know andrew better. it's so nice to talk to this person because there's no ounce of pretension! i love his story about jovy!!! and how he always is humble about their relationship! he's easy to talk to as well. a few times, we've also talked about our faith and it was really nice to share that conversation. i've mentioned once or twice in my blog that the nicest conversations i've ever had are always about God. and it was quite nice to talk to Andrew about God. :) He's also really helpful and I really pray that Jovy and Andrew's relationship will stay strong and will keep on growing!

JJ, Serene, Uncle Joseph, Jonjon and the rest of the Lee family are all great as well! :) I'm so excited to post the pictures. But I'll have to wait for tomorrow to get it! :)Post it soon!