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Saturday, September 16, 2006
It Started With A Kiss (ISWAK)

Warning: Spoilers!!!

I just finished watching It Started with a Kiss, a Taiwanese series in YouTube :D It was really fun watching the events unfold. Although I admit in the latter part, I almost got bored, but they made it so funny in the end that it's forgiveable. :D For more information, click here.

anyway, here is a clip I made for ISWAK and my fave moments in the series.

film clips

1st clip - Opening of ISWAK
2nd clip - Their first Kiss (Kilig! :D)
3rd clip - Their second Kiss (stolen :D Xiang Qin -lead female, knew of it only towards the end)
4th clip - Their third kiss - where Zhi Xu finally admitted he couldn't let Xiang Qin love other people (subtitle - not the correct hanyu pinyin: Ni Pu Huey Ai Xiang Pye Ren, which means you can't love other people)
5th clip - Zhi Xu hugging Xiang Qin (subtitle: Wo hen Fay Zhang Xi Huan Ni, which means, I have always really liked you)
6th clip - I just like this part where Zhi Xu leaned on Xiang Qin because he was burdened with his work's problem.
7ht clip - This part I really adore. This is where Xiang Qin's effort to save Zhi Xu's problem was tested. The old man was asking Xiang Qin to let go of Zhi Xu and she agreed but Zhi Xu wouldn't let her.
8th clip - Their pre-wedding video where Zhi Xu said He'll love her forever until they're old.

I'm so cheesy when it comes to these series. I can repeat my favorite scenes over and over again! There's an ISWAK 2, I heard that's coming out in 2007. In the meantime, I've downloaded the soundtrack and enjoying it in my mp3. til then!

Monday, September 11, 2006
i have a new crush

isn't he dreamy? he's just 24 years old though... i think i'm more open to younger guys now... hahaha! Okay, before you think i lost it, i just think this guys' really cute. wish there was somebody like him in the real world, in my world for that matter. i saw him first in "The Rose", a Taiwanese drama series and he played a secondary role. he's really a good actor. so when i learned he has a new drama called "It Started With A Kiss", or ISWAK as they call it... i immediately caught on. so, i'm currently watching episode 7 in youtube and will be heading to 8 soon. :D hay... so dreamy talaga. this has began to be my escape from my "real world"... and learn Mandarin along the way. :D hehe... hay, can't wait til saturday when i'll be able to watch youtube without interruptions! til then...

Friday, September 01, 2006
i miss connecting with people

lately, it's been very hectic and quite busy at work. I'm so swamped with work that I feel so tired sometimes. i miss connecting with my friends. i actually miss che and beng who's in the US. i miss jovy, who's in australia naman. apple's in hong kong. and even my manila friends... char, vange, jeff, marge, jayne, cat, my la salle friends... i guess it's just hard to meet the schedules when everybody's got their own commitment and leading their own lives. so it's always great when you unexpectedly catch up with your friends again.

recently, i was able to spend time with jeff, one of my best buds. it has to be unexpected with this guy. :D anyway, it was nice that he was able to help me photocopy stuff, encourage me on our activity that was happening the next day, and we even watched click together. i've been recently on my first date ever, and being with your friends surely beats the anxieties of the pre-date moments. :D it was relaxing to be with your friend after that harrassing episode. :D although the date was okay, it wasn't traumatic or anything. it's just that the whole experience was something i'd not rather be doing. maybe it's just not for me. anwyay, i digress. after jeff, kendy came to town and we met last wednesday at glorietta. before meeting kendy, iris and edison and i bumped into aileen, our la salle barkada. it was so nice to see her again. and felt really great catching up. after that bump, we met with kendy and we had a blast together as well.

no matter how life seems tough, it is really nice talking to friends. it's a great stress buster! :D hay, to my friends who're outside of this country, can't wait til you guys come back!!! and to my manila friends, let's catch up soon!