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Sunday, January 28, 2007
a bad start but a fun star studded girl's day out after!

yesterday, i took a leave from work to relax and called my two best buddies for a girl's day out and bonding. jovy and char set out around 8am from manila to pick me up and together headed down to ace water spa. excited to get out from the car after we parked, i bumped the door to the white starex beside us. it left a very small mark, less than the length of a grain of rice. the owner of the car, a lady in her 40s, started to rant about this carelessness. I apologized profusely and we parted with that. after going inside for a few minutes, the guard called us because the lady wanted to speak to us. i was so scared cause it was the first time i encountered the situation. so when we got there, she started saying that we have to be punished for being so careless. she told us that if it were a scratch, she wouldn't mind at all... but claimed that it wasn't insisted that the side door needs to be painted wholly again cause of the small mark. if left untreated, she claimed the door will rust, etc. etc. i didn't really know what to do, good thing char and jovy were stong level-headed people. i knew i was wrong and was just silent all throughout. good thing jovy called her dad to ask what to do and her dad told her that the car had comprehensive insurance and we just need to take a picture of the damage and insurance will pay for it. while she was doing that, the lady mentioned that her driver can assess how much and she's willing to pay halfway. she was saying that she knew repainting of the cars because she had a store once. she named a price after a long time... she asked us to pay P1,500. good thing jovy brought up the issue of insurance and all that. she balked out immediately and tried to goad our conscience, saying she'll leave it to God to "punish" us. but we insisted for the insurance to handle this as it can even pay for the whole P3,000 (-if that was the amount) but she said she didn't want the hassle. she even said that she's just a simple woman and she has money but was very simple, and does not need to be well-versed in English and all. but the point is, char and jovy doesn't need to defend their being well-verse, right? and if she will go through the hassle of repainting the whole side door, why not let insurance cover it, right? but throughout, i just kept silent, praying silently that this might be settled amicably. anyway, the situation ended by her saying she saw that i was really apologetic so she wouldn't insist on getting paid na lang and i just apologized again. oh well... char and jovy and i just decided to leave it behind and enjoy the rest of the day... it was about 9 when we came in and about 930 that the situation ended.

anyway, we had so much fun at ace water spa!!! it was the best. the place was clean and it really helped us relax!!! so after trying everything for a little bit more than two hours and seeing our wrinkly skin, we got ready for lunch. On the way out, we were treated with a free soup... and that's where we had our 1st star sighting. :D we saw Roxanne Guinoo, one of the Star Circle Quest finalists taking pictures at the pool. It was for Maxim magazine.

After, we went to Teriyaki Boy in T. Morato to have lunch... we were seated in the next booth to Hale's singer, Champ Liu Po! He's cute in person!!! And funny cause the restaurant was playing Hale's songs... don't know if it's coincidence or played for him specially. 2nd star sighting.

3rd and 4th star sighting... we saw Cesar Montano at UCC where we will meet Tiff, char and jovy's friend in the fil-chi thing they have. ---segue... we had a great time witn Tiff... it was my first time to meet her but she's really friendly!--- going back, before leaving UCC... we saw Michael V naman!!! char mentioned this guy was really very nice and he once gave a talk on balancing life and career to UP students and was very articulate and entertaining.

That was the end of the star sightings. We went to Serendra after to meet up with another group of char and jovy's and we all ate at Mezzaluna... gosh, the food was so expensive!!!! It was actually not worth it. I liked their souffle though, but for the price... :( thumbs down. Good thing the company was nice. We met a Chinese Indian, Pa Hai and was drawn to his life stories, customs, culture, etc. He's really nice and he showed us a picture of his family. his wife is indian. when we saw the picture of the boys, they looked so handsome! The Chinese and Indian combination wasn't bad at all!

Anyway, we went to the Coffee Bean and had our after-dinner drinks. We met another friend of Dan's (which was one of the group at dinner) and was so surprised to see the girl. I saw the girl before already and i was reminded of my former boss, Susan Thai because she really looked like the younger version of Ms. Susan!!! I actually wanted to ask if they knew each other but she was seated very far from me so wasn't able to chat with her na.

The day was really tiring but it was so worth it. i'm glad jovy, char and i bonded really well. Sana there are more instances to bond pa. I hope that this rest will enable me to be refreshed sa work na. :D the divorce from my work for a day was really worth it!

Monday, January 08, 2007
new year... new look

of course... :D i had to choose between my hair or this blog to change... so since I want to grow my hair a bit so the hairstylist can be more creative in styling my hair... it's this blog that became my target.

it's been so long since i last updated. what has happened na ba to me all this time... work has really kept me busy. Hay. I know. I'm married to my work now... but they're looking for people na. I just have to endure a bit longer. I'm actually am touched that my family, fc family, Jovy, Char and other people kept on asking me to go home early... I know they care... kaya lang I wish I did have a choice. I said nga in one of my reflections... I've always thought you had a choice over your decisions... but I know that sometimes, you really have no choice. It has become a burden, but if I remember what makes me work this hard in the first place - which is to provide for Papa and my family - then it becomes my source of Joy. (Paul, thanks for reminding me.)

It's a new year... hopefully, I'll get more fulfilling things done. I have so many things to accomplish yet so little time. But I've learned to love more over the past year. I hope this year, I'd still be able to love more. And do more.

Thanks, Lord, for a wonderful year. I look forward to learning more about you (through the boat at St. Peter), to experience more in life, to finally meet the one? :D hahaha, and to your blessings this 2007.