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Thursday, January 17, 2008
a very overdue update... but not for the fainthearted

for the past year (2007), all i've been doing is work, work, work and work. i've sacrificed so much that i feel my health has taken a toll (which reminds me, i really need to have a check-up soon). jovy, char and kai has always told me to go home early and rest, and a lot of concerned people from time to time has also expressed concern.

i admit i must be workaholic. even if i take time to rest, my mind can't possibly stop thinking about work. i was in boracay the first week in January and it was really a sweet vacation - but somehow, work was a nagging concern, but i was really thankful that work didn't call - just one night but it was an easy task! :)

after boracay, it was all work again. but this time, i'm really grateful cause I was able to rest and be with my family before leaving China. I'll be here until the 22nd.

tonight, actually... i have so much mixed emotions... not because i feel homesick (but i do miss family and friends) but because for the first time in my life, i think i must have seen a dead body on the road. i was so shocked when i saw a body lying in the road when we passed by the street. i think she must be hit by the bus that was empty in the crime scene. God knows how long she has been lying there... and i actually don't know if she was still alive or not... but i felt so sad about the incident. sad because i don't know how long she was there and if there was somebody doing something about it. i just sent a prayer for her and hope that her soul may rest in peace.


i'm going off to hangzhou soon. i'm excited because i'll be seeing the West Lake there :) I heard it's pretty and breathtaking any time of the year! but i am afraid of the cold, but hopefully, i've brave it well. :)

no pictures taken yet except for work! but i'll have them soon :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008
baby it's cold outside

i'm in dongguan, guangdong, china and it's 5 degrees outside... it's the first time i ever felt that cold! it does feel great... but it's still better warm than chilly! :)

i'm not sure how i'll fare in hangzhou... accuweather says before i left that it's going to drop to 0 degrees. but i checked today and there's good news... 2 degrees na lang. hahahaha but it's still cooooold....

til then...