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Thursday, July 24, 2008

please pray for somebody's missing nephew... it was shown in ABS and i read it through a friend's blog.

please follow this link

God bless.

Monday, July 21, 2008
this is it...

i am resigning na effective mid-October and i'm tendering the resignation tomorrow. it's with a real heavy heart that i do this. but this is what God wanted to do. today, he asked me "how else can you LOVE me MORE?"

the reasons why i'm leaving? well, basically, first and foremost, God called me. i'm starting my hospital ministry. second, i want to have time for myself, my family and my friends. third, i want to earn big so i can use MORE of my time and resources for God later on in life after I laid the foundation in my financial life.

when i thought about leaving, God has given me so many messages, so many blessings and so many insights. He did not only do that, but He was quick in giving me affirmations.

it really is not a popular decision - after all, there's no guarantee that i make it. but i know God is allowing me to experience this for something bigger.

please pray for me please. i'm going to need it. A LOT.

and those within the industry or retail, please help me contain this information here. i don't want to disrupt everything yet as i will be giving the company more than 30 days to find my replacement.

Friday, July 11, 2008
finally... a multiply site!

i couldn't access multiply when i was in china... (as well as other sites) so it's so nice to see a multiple site up and running!

just some highlights in my trip:
- i once saw a MCDO sign and felt so relieved! (i was in the middle of nowhere, and the inn i was staying does not even have a cafe at the inn.) so in short, i had to go out & eat. but the inn i was booked at really was in a highway and i feared the unfamiliar surroundings. so when i got out, i was so relieved to see a MCDO sign! off i went! but the distance is really long. it's like walking from galleria to megamall.
- same location... i finally had the chance to eat at 真功夫 (True Kung Fu), a local chinese fastfood place. The taste isn't that spectacular but i've always wanted to see what the menu looked like and this trip, i was able to see it and even eat there! i had taiwanese pork rice with egg custard with meat. :)
- i met a german who was the PR manager for a hotel i was booked at... she was really funny, and she kept syaing "ayayay!"... cute! but we really had a good conversation!
- all signs pointed me to the direction that was already in my heart... (please don't blurb muna to those who know) and I think God has given me the blessing I needed.

:) nice to be back again! God bless everyone!