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Monday, March 09, 2009
From Kerygma

Playing SAFE

Life is, first and foremost, life “with” someone, a life relation to the other, in relation to God, to those whom we love, and to those who love us. In our day-to-day living, it is inevitable that we find ourselves judging others and even condemning them as if we’re perfect, incapable of committing any mistakes. Why is it that people have the tendency to gawk at others’ imperfections, a transference wherein he exactly acts as a faultfinder just to justify and cover up his limitations? Over and over again, unconsciously, we fix our eyes on others’ face dirt. It is really a sad commentary that we indulge ourselves in doing things that we should not, such as gossiping and judging others, and hastily get away when the things get rough. On the other hand, we have a propensity to get infuriated when someone does the same thing to us. We tend to be self-righteous and notice the other’s speck and forget to look at ourselves first.

We also seek out for forgiveness, right? At some stage in our personal prayer, we beg for God’s forgiveness for the wrongs we have done, am I right again? Yes, it is easy to say sorry and beg for forgiveness every time we do something wrong but we become stone-hearted to accept another’s shortcomings. With that conduct, we are like the unforgiving servant in the parable. Now, I challenge you to take a look at your life: do you have an admirable relationship with others — with your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors? You may come to realize that you’re miles apart from them even though they’re just around. Learn from the parable of the unforgiving servant whom the Master has forgiven and punished later for he did not forgive his fellow servant. Let us be guided by the biblical maxim, “The measure you give will be the measure you receive back.”Fr. Joel O. Jason

Reflection Question:

The practice of abstinence in Lent is far from mere dieting or refraining from certain types of food. Why not make this Lenten season an occasion to practice spiritual abstinence from righteousness and harsh judgment?

Lord, incline my heart to forgive. Teach me to love others rather than condemn them. Amen.

St. Frances of Rome, Religious, pray for us.

the weekend that was

it's been a long time since i just blogged about what's happening with my life. and now i found i have time (weeeeh!) and just wanted to blog about the weekend that was.

it was a very busy weekend as we geared up for the bridal fair. this was the first bridal fair we really invested time, effort and design. and this was the "high" career moment erika and i experienced.

i'll post the pics soon, but it was really lovely. we even had bookings!!!! :)

i really want to thank my partners (who supported the idea and made it happen) - naks parang academy award speech - to clarice and elma who made the effort to go all the way to PICC forum and visit us and even helped write and distribute our fliers!!! and one of those elma said hi to, booked us for OTD! :) thanks my angels!!! i also want to thank paula, omar, joyce, john who visited the booth and helped in their own little way :) and of course to lot - who doesn't own a multiply, though - thanks so much for everything!!! :)

this was really a great weekend. the pagod was really worth it. :)

i also celebrated my chinese birthday yesterday :) and my family also went to the PICC forum to support me! :) i'm really grateful that even with all the blunders, it turned out to be a great weekend.

Monday, March 02, 2009
Seth Godin: Do you deserve it?